Shanghai Yiyou Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional plastic thermoforming machinery manufacturer with large-scale production, strong technical force, sales (own foreign trade team), and after-sales (multi-national service point) in China.             There are three factories under it: Hongyouxing Machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.-specializing in manufacturing mid-end multi-station positive and negative pressure integrated molding machines; Flender Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.-professional design and intelligent manufacturing of high-end multi-tools Position + side punching machinery; HongYoucheng Automation (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.-specializing in the production of ordinary blister machines and heavy gauge thermoforming machine Provide customers with a complete set of services for thermoforming molds, materials, and thermoforming product design! 
       Yiyou thermoforming machines Company is located in the North District of Hongqiao, China (only a 10-minute drive from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport). We are a thermoforming machinery factory with  30000 square meter workshop. There are thermoforming frame welding workshop and painting workshop. Shanghai Thermoforming Machine Assembly Factory. Workshop and equipment exhibition hall of the whole plant. Our main products are fully automatic positive and negative three-station thermoforming machine (forming, cutting, stamping, stacking); thick plate (plate) vacuum forming machine; fully automatic PLC control high-speed thermoforming machine; Precision plastic cup making machine; precision hydraulic cutting machine and other related plastic machinery, etc.
 A new factory will be developed and put into production to produce high-end models with hole fruit/box holder/packing box. It can produce 45 times per minute. Horizontal rapid thermoforming press can move 60 times per minute  
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