What Is Difference Cylinder Crimping Machine And Cylinder Crimping Machine?

Automatic cylinder gluing machine

Cylinder crimping machine, as the name suggests, is a machine used for the edge of the cylinder at both ends or single end, but the cylinder here is mainly a plastic cylinder, including such as: PP, PVC, PET and other plastic sheets that are rolled and glued The closed cylinder is not suitable for metal or rigid plastic cylinders. The production principle of the cylinder crimping machine is to use a metal mold to process a circular ring groove. Roll up the inside to form a rolled round edge, making the cylinder mouth beautiful and smooth. Cylinder crimping machine is usually used in conjunction with cylinder machine and cylinder bottom welding machine

Cylinder crimping machine is mainly divided into automatic cylinder crimping machine, semi-automatic cylinder crimping machine and positioning hot pressing according to the operational performance. For the plastic cylinder products on the side, the degree of automation is high, and the corresponding investment of the company is also relatively large. It can also be produced with a fully automatic cylinder machine assembly line to achieve the purpose of fully automatic unmanned operation. The semi-automatic is mainly used to produce unilaterally rolled products. The output requirement is not very large. The company does not want to invest too much equipment costs and adopts it. This machine mainly presses the head down, and the crimping mold below rotates to form slowly. The positioning hot-pressing crimping machine is basically the same as the semi-automatic, except that the lower mold will not rotate, but only rely on the upper pressure and slowly press down to form the cylinder crimping.

3. Application of Cylinder Crimping Machine

Cylinder crimping machine is usually suitable for making PVC, GAG, APET, PETG, PP and other plastic cylinder crimping, and also suitable for large-scale packaging production of plastic transparent cylinders, paper cylinder packaging, paper cylinder packaging , Cylinders, paper cylinders, crimping packaging and other cylinders are ideal packaging for candy packaging, gift packaging, toy packaging, stationery packaging, umbrella packaging, badminton packaging, fishing gear packaging, potato chips packaging, potato chip leisure food packaging and other products. Containers, so the cylinder crimping machine is matched with the cylinder machine, and it is also suitable for the above industries. Therefore, the cylinder crimping machine is also called PVC transparent phoenix cylinder crimping machine, APET transparent cylinder crimping machine, PETG cylinder automatic crimping machine, plastic cylinder automatic crimping machine, PP phoenix cylinder crimping machine, plastic round crimping machine Roll hemming machine, plastic cylinder automatic hemming, paper cylinder automatic hemming, paper material cylinder automatic hemming, paper cylinder automatic hemming machine, etc.

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