Thermoforming Machine With Front Disassembly Mold

The HW7161 is a fullautomatic 3 station thermoforming machine. It is a versatile machine that can produce a variety of pallet shapes and sizes. The machine is equipped with a preheater, forming station, trimming station and cooling station. The preheater heats the thermoplastic material to the optimal temperature for forming. The forming station then shapes the material into the desired shape, and the trimming station trims any excess material. Finally, the cooling station cools the finished pallet before it is ready for use. The machine is also equipped with safety features to ensure operator safety.

Thermoforming Machine With Front Disassembly Mold


    • Adopt PLC control, the whole system is fully automatic, parameters digital display, easy operation
    • This machinecombines sheet feeding, forming, cutting, punching, stacking, counting and finished products conveying into one machine
    • 4-pillar hydraulic structure, more stable, low noise
    • Imported heating wires ceramic heater, accurate temperature control, long life
    • We provide customized service for you, the machine can be designed and manufactured as your need.
    • Advanced servo motor sheet transporting system, stretching length can be adjusted.

HW-7161 adopts German advanced technology. Maximum forming area is 710*610mm and Our machine uses the positive and negative pressure forming method of “top air pressure forming + bottom vacuum forming”, which makes the products more beautiful. The mold table drives are all driven by servo motor 

Automatic mold locking: This function can easily load and unload the mold. Compared with the traditional mold loading method, under this function, the mold is pushed into the mold table from the side, which can effectively save the time for changing the mold.

Automatic Thermoforming Mold Locking

A 3 stations thermoforming machine is a type of manufacturing equipment used in the production of thermoformed products. Thermoforming is a process of heating a plastic sheet until it becomes soft and pliable, then stretching and shaping it over a mold to create a specific shape. The plastic is then cooled and hardened to retain its shape.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                A 3 stations thermoforming machine typically consists of three distinct stations:

  1. The heating station: This is where the plastic sheet is heated to its forming temperature. The sheet is typically fed into the machine from a roll or sheet stack.

  2. The forming station: After the plastic sheet has been heated to the proper temperature, it is moved to the forming station. Here, the sheet is stretched and shaped over a mold to create the desired shape.

  3. The cooling station: Once the plastic has been formed into the desired shape, it is moved to the cooling station where it is cooled and hardened.                         These stations are typically set up in a linear configuration, with the plastic sheet moving from one station to the next on a conveyor belt or other type of material handling system. Some thermoforming machines may also have additional stations for trimming or finishing the formed product.Thermoforming is used to create a wide variety of products, including packaging, trays, and containers for food, medical, and industrial applications. A 3 stations thermoforming machine is capable of high-speed production and can produce a large number of products in a relatively short period of time.

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