clamshell packaging thermoforming machine

1) 25pcs ceramic infrared heating boards which can be controlled separately, suitable for different size or different thickness material.
2) 25pcs Solid state voltage regulators, control heating boards simple and visualized.
3) Large-scale cooling fan which can cool the products quickly.
4) Cooling system which suitable for thick material. (optional)
5) Manual and Semi-auto style.Electric furnace adopt stainless steel, heat preservation cotton sealing structure, effectively prevent heat loss.
PET, PS anti-static electronic revolving tray, PVC cosmetics, daily necessities packaging, PP, PET food tray and other external plastic packaging products

manual thermoforming machine for PS flocking thermoforming cutlery gift box packaging

The semi-automatic thermoforming machine has simple structure, convenient operation and high efficiency. It is the first choice for small and medium thermoforming packaging manufacturers. Automatic operation and manual operation are optional, suitable for thermoforming machine operators of various skill levels

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