Cup making machine production line shipped to North Africa - 3 container

The cup making machine is also called the positive pressure cup machine. Widely used: cold drink cups, coffee cups, fruit and vegetable cups and other industries

The whole production line of machinery and equipment for producing disposable plastic cups mainly includes: cup making machine, sheet machine, mixer, pulverizer, air compressor, cup stacking machine, mold, color printing machine, packaging machine, manipulator, etc. Among them, the color printing machine is used for color printing cups. Generally, milk tea cups and juice drink cups need to be used. Ordinary disposable water cups do not need a color printing machine. The packaging machine automatically packs supermarket cups, which are mainly hygienic, fast, and labor-saving. If only market cups are used, no configuration is required. The manipulator is aimed at products that cannot be used by the cup stacker, such as crisper boxes, fast food boxes, etc. Other machines are standard and must have

Nigeria is located in North Africa, a poor African country, and there is a large demand for single-use plastic products. This time the customer ordered the production line of the whole factory, including twin-screw PP sheet machine, cup making machine, cup finishing machine. Plastic crusher, thermoforming chiller, 5 sets of thermoforming molds, special cooling tower for thermoforming, etc., a total of 3 containers have been set sail!

Recently, after Europe and the United States, China has also launched a fully degradable bioplastic disposable coffee cup. The new product is fully degradable, and both disposable cups and lids can be recycled, aiming to reduce pollution from coffee cups. Our company’s automatic positive and negative pressure forming machine to produce cup lids was also reported on CCTV

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