How To Print Patterns On Plastic Cups?

In supermarkets, we see that plastic cups are not only transparent, but cups of various colors can be seen everywhere. Now there is a technology. Print the desired pattern and trademark on the cup. Any color, any part. So how is it done?

Let’s see what are the methods!

The quality is good using “thermal transfer” technology.

It is a kind of hot stamping. First, the calligraphy and painting are reverse-printed on the heat transfer film, and then the heat transfer film is hot-bonded to the plastic cup through the rubber die of the heat transfer machine. As the film is removed, the calligraphy and painting are Left on the plastic cup.

Generally simple text patterns can be “silk screen”.

The text pattern is made (inverted method) on the screen printing slot, and then the ink is injected into the screen printing slot through the screen printing machine, and the pattern is brushed on the plastic cup by the screen printing rubber brush. Multiple sets of screen printing screen slots are required for multiple colors.

The fastest on the market is the curved cup printing machine: there are models in colors. The reasonable structure and high-quality accessories ensure the machine’s durability, practicality, high printing quality, high production efficiency, and convenient operation. This machine is letterpress printing, mainly suitable for surface printing of cups and bowls.

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