Dental Thermoforming Machine

1. Nct the machine with powe 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz, check the status of vacuum motor and electric heating device. 2. Trn the upper cover 90°(from left or right side), put a film between upper and nether frame and switch the knob to close the frames tightly. Turn the upper cover back and push down the elevating wrench to elevate the frame to working position (there is a position holder on the principal axes). Then put the product in the middle of the sheet and switch on the heating device to heat the film. Switch off the heating device (about 2-3 minutes later), when the lower surface of the film is under the nether frame about 1cm. Switch the elevating wrench to set down the frame and turn on the vacuum motor, take the product out after forming. Below is the structure of the machine for reference.


Dental Vacuum Forming Machine is specially designed for dental applications. Our efficient portable unit delivers powerful suction and the highest level of performance, while its compact design saves you precious working counter space. The motor of our new vacuum former is strategically placed below its perforated stage, which creates a direct downward suction, ensuring the utmost precision. Durable and user-friendly, our Vacuum Forming Machine will withstand years of rigorous use and prove to be an indispensable tool for any dental office

Heavy-duty vacuum motor provides precise downward suction. Features a symmetrical heating system, ensuring uniform heat distribution. Adjustable, rust-resistant body accommodates various materials. Suitable for a wide range of clinical applications. Non-rotating sliding frame makes operation easy and stress-free. Compatible with all dental thermoplastics. We can offer the item that suitable for your country volt.

Dental Thermoforming Machine

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