plastic disposable PP glass making machine

    A disposable PP glass machine is a type of machinery that is used to manufacture disposable glasses made of polypropylene (PP). These glasses are commonly used in a variety of settings, including restaurants, cafes, and at outdoor events.                                                                            The machine works by taking in sheets of PP material and using heat and pressure to mold them into the shape of a glass. The machine can be set up to produce glasses of different sizes and shapes, depending on the requirements of the user. Some disposable PP glass machines can produce up to 6000 glasses per hour, making them a highly efficient and cost-effective option for businesses that require large quantities of disposable glasses.                                                                                  Disposable PP glass machines are typically fully automated, meaning that they require very little manual intervention once they are set up and running. This makes them ideal for use in high-volume production environments, where speed and efficiency are of the utmost importance.

plastic disposable PP glass making machine

1. The machine adopts hydraulic four-column structure, which has the advantages of stable operation, low noise and strong clamping force.
2. Mechatronics, pneumatic and hydraulic integration, PLC control, high-precision frequency conversion film feeding.
3. High degree of automation and fast production speed; different products can be produced by installing different molds to achieve the purpose of one machine with multiple uses.
4. Adopt imported famous brand electrical components, pneumatic components, stable operation, reliable quality and long service life.
5. The whole machine has a compact structure, which integrates the functions of pressurizing, forming, cutting, cooling, and finished product blowing in one mold, so that the product process is short, the finished product is of high grade, and it meets the national health standards.

1. The main machine is a 4-guide pillar structure, the guide pillar material is 40Cr steel quenched and tempered, and the outside is hard chrome plated. It has good rigidity, accurate guiding performance, wear resistance, and is helpful for the service life of mold cutting. The mold table is opened and closed by hydraulic pressure. The fulcrum opens and closes the mold, and the mold clamping accuracy is high; 2. The hydraulic system adopts domestic oil pumps and solenoid valves imported from Taiwan; 3. The heater (on electric stove) length is 2250mm, (down electric stove) 1750mm is divided into 7 zones PID automatic temperature control adjustment, Taiwan Yangming single-phase voltage regulating module has no contact output, stable, high precision, temperature control error <±1 ℃. The heater adopts ceramic arc-shaped electric heating tile, which has high thermal effect, energy saving, safety and reliability;

  Overall, disposable PP glass machines are an essential piece of equipment for businesses that require disposable glasses on a regular basis. They offer a fast, reliable, and cost-effective way to produce large quantities of high-quality disposable glasses with minimal manual labor.

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