Thermoforming Egg Tray mould

Egg blister packaging is also called egg thermoforming tray, egg tray, egg tray, egg packaging box, blister packaging box, pvc egg box, etc. The egg tray is mainly made of high-quality PVC material and made of blister. The egg trays are of high quality, low price, and can beautify the eggs, so that more customers are attracted. The egg tray is made of high-quality PVC/PET sheet material, which has high toughness, is not easy to burn, and PVC is easy to heat. It can be sealed by a sealing machine and high-frequency edge sealing. It is the main raw material for the production of transparent blister products.
2. Thermoformed egg trays are also for the purpose of displaying and protecting eggs. They can be placed and hung on supermarket shelves to make the eggs more beautifully displayed in front of shoppers, thereby impacting shoppers’ visual effects and promoting the desire to buy.
3. The plastic egg tray can separate the eggs, play the purpose of shockproof and beautify the eggs, and make the eggs look more beautiful as a whole. The equipment for producing blister egg trays mainly includes: blister packaging machine, blister forming machine, punch, sealing machine, high frequency machine, folding machine.
Customer groups targeted by blister egg trays: poultry and egg breeding and distribution companies, supermarkets, gift group purchases. 

Egg Thermoforming Tray-Egg Blister Packaging

   First make and process the egg tray mold: According to the requirements or sample specifications, first make the egg tray blister mold. Under normal conditions, aluminum CNC processing is used to make thermoformed packaging molds, but wood carving and metal carving products are also used. After the mold is made, use a 1-2 mm drill to drill many small holes in the recesses that do not affect the appearance of the product packaging. If it is a product such as a packaging box, you must drill some small holes on the four sides to facilitate suction. During plastic production, the air can be drawn out. After the mold is drilled, a cold water channel needs to be made to quickly cool down the shape                                                                                                                                                                                   Thermoformed egg tray finishing: After QC finishing the produced egg trays, the finished egg trays are then packaged and shipped in cartons.Characteristics and application range of blister egg packaging; soil egg tray, duck egg tray, salted egg tray, preserved egg tray, quail egg tray, black egg tray.

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