Floor Heating Module-Precautions For The Use Of Excellent Floor Heating Modules

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The floor heating module is the most used heating method nowadays. It has replaced the coal era and brought us cleanliness and convenience. What problems should be paid attention to in the use of the floor heating module?

(1) Before home decoration, first protect the pipe head above the distributor and water collector, so as not to collide or damage, and avoid the occurrence of water leakage;

(2) When the floor heating is used for the first time, the temperature of the hot water should be gentle, and the temperature of the water supply should be controlled below 32°C, which is about 10°C higher than the ambient temperature. It will continue to run for 48 hours, and the water temperature will increase by 3°C every 24 hours to reach the designed temperature. ;

(3) If it does not heat up for a long time during use, please check the water flow pressure, check whether the body is empty, whether the filter is working normally, and problems such as blockage occur;

(4) When the floor heating stops running in summer, the previous water should be drained and new water should be injected; exhaust gas and close the valve.

There are many precautions for the use of floor heating modules. If you have any difficult problems during use, you can call the floor heating module manufacturer.

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