Do you know the prospect of the application of food cold sterilization and preservation technology - (thermoforming tray)?

In recent years, fresh meat, fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, and prepared food and other prefabricated vegetable fresh-keeping thermoformed packaging products have developed rapidly in my country, but problems such as short shelf life and secondary pollution have become technical bottlenecks restricting industrial development. Therefore, research and development High-efficiency cold sterilization and fresh-keeping packaging technology for fresh agricultural products and their prepared foods has become the focus of the industry.

Food cold sterilization and fresh-keeping packaging technology is one of the development directions of international food science and technology. Cold Plasma Cold Sterilization (CPCS) is a new type of food cold sterilization technology currently used in the world. Contact with the surface of microorganisms leads to the destruction of their cells and achieves a bactericidal effect. Compared with the thermal sterilization technology widely used at present, the high-voltage electric field low-temperature plasma cold sterilization and fresh-keeping packaging technology is an important breakthrough in the research and development of food cold sterilization and fresh-keeping packaging technology. This technology can be combined with the Modified Atmosphere Thermoforming Packaging (MAP) Modified Atmosphere Fresh-keeping Packaging Technology to sterilize the packaged products through low-temperature plasma without secondary pollution; It will produce chemical residues and has high safety; the voltage used is high, but the current is small, the sterilization time is short, no heat will be generated, and the energy consumption is low, and the operation is simple. Therefore, low-temperature plasma sterilization technology is suitable for heat-sensitive fresh food conditioning Food sterilization.

Therefore, the demand for modified atmosphere box thermoforming machines is in short supply. Mainly, the fully automatic positive and negative pressure three-station is dominant. The temperature control system of the electric heating furnace adopts full computer intelligent automatic compensation control, and one zone controls one zone and one adopts digital input, which has high fine-tuning precision, uniform temperature, fast heating up (from 0-400 degrees only takes 3 minutes), and is stable (not affected by external voltage , temperature fluctuations do not exceed 1 degree). Low energy consumption (about 15% energy saving), long service life of the furnace. Integrated type, punching, shearing, stacking, and counting as one; The most advanced cam structure (with SKF bearings); The electric furnace moves flexibly (movable from front to back, left, and right) and is suitable for smaller format products; Leftovers are automatically rewound; Sheet feeding chain The rail width can be adjusted synchronously or separately; the automatic removal device of the electric furnace; the mechanical coil loading device, which reduces the labor intensity of workers.

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