The basic process of heavy gauge thermoforming is similar. The flat hard plastic sheet is heated to make it soft, and then vacuum is adsorbed on the surface of the thick sheet thermoforming mold, and then molded after cooling. It can be seen that the mold is indispensable in the process. Different products correspond to different molds. The most commonly used should be the electroplated copper mold. If the precision is relatively high, the aluminum mold will be used.

Heavy gauge thermoforming is a process of molding plastic materials into various shapes using heat and pressure. A heavy gauge thermoforming mold, also known as a tool or die, is a specialized tool used in this process to shape the plastic material into the desired form.

The mold is typically made from aluminum or steel and is designed to withstand the high heat and pressure involved in the thermoforming process. The mold is created using computer-aided design (CAD) software and precision cutting machines. It is then polished and finished to ensure that the final product has a smooth surface finish.

The heavy gauge thermoforming mold is an important component in the manufacturing process of many plastic products, such as automotive components, aerospace parts, medical equipment, and consumer goods. It allows manufacturers to produce complex shapes with tight tolerances and high consistency, while maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the production process.

Overall, the heavy gauge thermoforming mold is a critical tool in the manufacturing industry, enabling the production of a wide range of plastic products with precision and quality.

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