High Frequency Heat Sealing Machine

  A high frequency welding machine is a type of equipment that uses high-frequency energy to bond two or more materials together. This technology is commonly used in industrial manufacturing for a variety of applications, such as welding PVC, PET, and other thermoplastic materials.                      The high frequency welding process involves passing an alternating current through an electrode that generates high-frequency energy. This energy is then used to heat and soften the materials being welded, allowing them to bond together. The two materials are typically placed between two electrodes, and pressure is applied to ensure a strong bond.                   There are several different types of high frequency welding machines, including radio frequency (RF) welding machines, which are commonly used in the production of vinyl products like tents, tarps, and billboards. Other types of high frequency welding machines include ultrasonic welding machines, which use high-frequency sound waves to join materials, and induction welding machines, which use electromagnetic induction to create heat.

High Frequency Heat Sealing Machine
  • 1. Shuttle Tray with two working stations working alternately, more efficient.

    2. High Q value oscillation tube, strong in output.

    3. High Sensitive anti-spark tube, to protect the sealing mould.

    4. Fast sealing moulds change-over to suit various sealing size requirement.

    5. No radiation to human and other electronic device.

    6. Famous brands imported components, AirTAC, OMRON, CKC, etc

1. High sensitivity spark protection circuit, which can effectively cut off the high current output, suppression of sparks.
2. Pneumatic devices, saving time, duplex, consistent and easy to operate.
3. Square-type level adjustment, time-saving and easy transfer mode.
4. Main parts adopts imported components, Taiwan Airtac, Japan Omron, Toshiba and NL-5557.
5. Dual working stations, with welding tooling preheating function.
6. 27.12 MHz standard frequency, no radiation to Human beings and electronic devices.
7. Foot pedal control or cooperated with air compressor,  stable performance.
8. The machine meet with CE requirement.

High Frequency Heat Sealing Machine

High frequency welding machines are widely used in a variety of industries, including automotive, medical, and packaging, due to their ability to produce strong and consistent welds quickly and efficiently.

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