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     There are many kinds of daily necessities and different functions, and the needs of their blister packaging design are also different. No matter what type it is, when designing the thermoforming packaging for daily necessities, it is necessary to follow the appropriate, reliable, beautiful and economical criteria, and then promote the sale of daily necessities, so that the blister packaging of daily necessities can reflect its value from the inside out. Then, what elements are required for a successful blister packaging for daily necessities that can promote sales? Three aspects need to be considered: the function of the packaged daily necessities, the choice of packaging methods, and the impact of the environment on the blister packaging of daily necessities. There are mainly solid, liquid, gaseous, mixed, etc. Different physical states have different blister packaging. There are square, cylindrical, polygonal, special-shaped, etc., and the blister packaging should be designed according to the product shape characteristics. 

Daily necessities PVC suction card blister

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