How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of automatic thermoforming machine products?

In the actual production of automatic thermoforming machines, various defects may appear in the finished product, which will affect the quality and sale. Today, Hongyouxing Machinery will talk to you about the possible problems of automatic blister machine products!
Water ripples: The product materials and processing technology are different, and water ripples appear on the finished product surface. Water ripples appear on products made of transparent materials, which will affect the appearance of the product. Generally speaking, the thicker the product, the more obvious the water ripple. Among all kinds of materials, PVC materials are more prone to water ripples.
Crystal point: Crystal point is caused by fine impurities in the air falling on the heated sheet during the production process of the blister machine.
Scratches: During the production process, the friction between the outer wall of the product and the machine will form scratches on the outer wall of the product. Reducing mechanical friction and being able to maintain part finish is critical to reducing scratches.
Wire drawing: If there is no protrusion on the mold, the product is produced but has a line protrusion that is not in the design. To solve this situation, we must first modify the mold (reduce the height, increase the pressure mold and increase the smoothness). Brushed products cannot be used as high-end packaging.
Air bubbles: Plastic materials contain air, and the products produced after heating will have air bubbles.

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