Thermoforming Machine Safety Operation Rules-YiYou

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How to operate the thermoforming machine correctly,Reduce the failure rate of thermoforming machines ,Let me answer it for you!

  1. First check that each thermoforming machine moving part is in its original position.
  2. The oil level of the vacuum pump of the blister machine must be at the center line of the sight glass. If it is insufficient, please add vacuum oil.
  3. Use a lubricator to add oil, and add appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the moving parts such as the guide column, cylinder shaft, etc.
  4. Check the compressor oil level, if it is not enough to be filled, turn on the circulating water switch.
  5. Press on the three-phase power supply, check the running direction of the vacuum pump or compressor, and then start officially after confirming that it is correct.
  6. Press the main power button, then turn the electric heating switch to preheat, and adjust the heating according to the record of the best state of the same product to avoid wasting materials.
  7. Adjust the heating time, cooling time, vacuum time, vacuum delay time, moulding time, demolding time, delayed blowing, core pulling and secondary moulding time of each product.
  8. Press in the compression power supply, adjust the pressure to about 0.6~0.8Mpa, and check whether the movement of the parts is normal.​​
  9. Put all the parts of the automatic thermoforming machine in their original positions, turn the switch to the automatic gear, and run for 3 minutes with no load to check whether the whole program works normally.
  10. After the vacuum pump of the blister machine is started, it will automatically run dry through the machine. After the lower cylinder rises, if you hear the vacuum sound or see the vacuum pointer return, it means that the vacuum system is normal.
  11. After confirming that the components are normal, the material can be officially released and normal production can be carried out.
  12. Turn off the heating power.
  13. Turn off the compressor and power on the vacuum pump of the blister machine.
  14. Drain the vacuum from the vacuum box.
  15. Turn off the main switch power supply.
  16. Cover the thermoforming mold with defective products to avoid damage to the thermoforming mold.

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