How to quickly calculate the price of thermoforming molds.?How to quote to customer?

There are many quotation and settlement methods for thermoforming moulds, which are also different. However, they all have one thing in common, that is, efforts should be made to organically combine the technology and economic indicators of the mold to produce mutual benefits. Make the mold from valuation to quotation, from quotation to contract price; From contract price to settlement price, that is, to form the real actual mold price and implement high quality and good price.、

empirical calculation:
Mold price = material fee + design fee + processing fee and profit + VAT + test mode fee + packaging and transportation fee. The ratio of each item is usually:
1. Material cost: Materials and standard parts account for 15%-30% of the total mold cost;
2. Processing fee and profit: 30%-50%;
3. Design fee: 10%-15% of the total mold cost;
4. Test mode: large and medium-sized molds can be controlled within 3%, and small precision molds can be controlled within 5%;
5. Packaging and transportation fee: it can be calculated according to the actual situation or 3%;

 material coefficient method
According to the mold size and material price, the mold material cost can be calculated.
Mold price =(6~10)* material cost
Forging die, mould for plastics = 6 * material cost
Die-casting mold = 10 * material cost
03 mold quotation estimate
1. First of all, it depends on the customer’s requirements, because the requirements determine the choice of materials and the heat treatment process.
2. Select good materials and draw a rough mold scheme diagram to calculate the weight of the mold (calculate the price of mold core materials and mold base materials) and the cost of heat treatment. (All are blank weight)

Processing cost, according to the complexity of mold core, the processing cost is generally 1.5~3:1, and the processing cost of mold core is generally 1:1.
4. The risk fee is 10% of the above total price.
5. Tax
6. The design cost is 10% of the total mold price.

 thermoforming mould quotation strategy and settlement method
The quotation and settlement of the mould are the continuation and result after the mould valuation. From the evaluation of the mold to the quotation of the mold, it is only the first step, and the ultimate purpose of the mold is to form the final settlement price of the mold through the settlement after the mold manufacturing and delivery. In this process, people always hope that mold valuation = mold price = mold settlement price. However, in actual operation, these four prices are not completely equal, and fluctuation error values may occur. This is the question to be discussed below.

Through my description, do you have any understanding of the quotation for thermoforming molds now?

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