What Customers Choose Manual Thermoforming Machines?

manual thermoforming machines

The semi-automatic thermoforming machine has simple structure, convenient operation, high efficiency and high degree of automation. It is the first choice for small and medium-sized thermoforming packaging manufacturers. Automatic operation and manual operation can be selected arbitrarily, which is suitable for operation by personnel of various skill levels.

The manual thermoforming machine produces various specifications of packaging products by vacuum forming. Among them, the single-power (single-head) semi-automatic blister machine is also known as the plate-making machine. It is mainly used in the mold factory to make plaster molds and plates for customers. use.

Semi-automatic thermoforming machine is suitable for blister sealing machine packaging of PVC, TPU, PET, EVA materials, blister blister and paper card heat sealing.

One machine is multi-purpose, and you can change the mold for different products. This kind of blister machine has a very wide range of applications, fast forming, high production efficiency, and good sealing effect. Value for money is also very high.

Blister products require less output and diversified varieties, and semi-automatic thermoforming machines are suitable for such customers

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