How To Design A Mold For Plastics Thermoforming

The mold is a very critical tool in the thermoforming process, but we cannot use a certain method or method to evaluate the quality of a set of thermoforming molds in actual production, which makes us unable to do the mold acceptance. The opinions on thermoforming molds are as follows

The cooling performance of the mold
This cannot be evaluated by a quantitative method. In general experience, 20 sets of parts are continuously produced with a beat of less than 20 s, and the mold temperature of the parts does not exceed 220 ℃, that is, the set of molds is considered to have better cooling performance.Another method is to pass hot water into the mold to observe the temperature change of the mold (need to be used with a thermal imaging camera)

The life of the mold (ie wear)
The thermoforming mold is subjected to the environmental changes of alternating temperature and at the same time bears the friction of the high-hardness metal compound from the surface of the product, so that the thermoforming mold is actually in an extreme working environment, which will cause the mold to have different wear performance. It should be discussed separately according to the type of material during production:
Bare board material-After the blank is heated, it will inevitably produce uneven scale during the transportation process. This high-hard and easy-to-fall scale provides the abrasive and roughness of the abrasive wear on the surface of the sheet and the mold. As a result, the thermoforming mold is prone to severe fuzzing and severe scratches on the surface of the product during use.

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