There are many auxiliary machines for thermoforming. Seal and trim. welding··

Other auxiliary equipment includes mixer, air compressor, scrap crusher, vacuum feeder. High frequency welding machine. Blister sealing machine, etc.Overall, thermoforming auxiliary machines play an important role in the production of high-quality thermoformed parts with consistent quality and efficiency.

High-frequency machine: mainly used for welding PETG, TPU, PU and various polyvinyl chloride containing 30% (PVC) plastics. Such as: double blister blister packaging, blister and paper card heat sealing, upper and lower cardboard + blister heat sealing, folding boxes, hardware tools, LED energy-saving lamps, toothbrushes, stationery, cosmetics, sandwich blister packaging, etc., and blister different shapes The plastic material of the cover or blister is automatically welded and trimmed automatically. Various embossed patterns
Blister sealing machine, paper card blister packaging sealing machine, high speed blister sealing machine, blister sealing machine use: blister packaging sealing machine: this machine uses pneumatic components to drive the pressing plate to work, and uses the principle of adjustable electric heating to complete PVC, PP, PE, etc. The plastic blister sheet material is sealed with cardboard, which is easy and convenient to operate. This machine is suitable for blister sealing packaging of various toys
The automatic lid machine is mainly used to produce lids for disposable drinking utensils, cold drink lids for sheet machines, yogurt lids, jelly lids, ice cream lids, fast food boxes, instant noodle bowls, etc. In addition, it is widely used in processing medicine, light industry, textile, tourism, and toys. The lid produced by this machine is heat-resistant, does not soften or penetrate when touched by hot water, and is important and light, not easy to damage
Cooling Tower Filling Molding Thermoforming Blister Production Line PVC filler and other roll-type thermoplastic plastic sheet molding + suction thermoforming various open sprinkler channels, dedicated to the design and process requirements of sprinkler sheets for large cooling towers
The thermoforming folding machine, the composition mode is the process of three-side folding at one time, the lower mold tray is fixed in position, and the three sides are pressurized to form the process. Generally applicable to the blister packaging industry
The processing materials of the PET sheet extrusion line can process APET, PETG, RPET, etc. Classification of PET sheet extrusion line:

Thermoforming is a manufacturing process that involves heating a plastic sheet to a pliable temperature and then forming it into a specific shape using a mold. Auxiliary machines are an important part of the thermoforming process, as they help to automate and streamline various steps in the process.

Some common thermoforming auxiliary machines include:

  1. Sheet Extruders: These machines are used to produce plastic sheets from raw plastic pellets, which are then used in the thermoforming process.

  2. Sheet Preheaters: These machines are used to heat the plastic sheet to a specific temperature before it is formed into a part.

  3. Vacuum Forming Machines: These machines use vacuum pressure to form the heated plastic sheet over a mold to create a part.

  4. Pressure Forming Machines: These machines use both vacuum pressure and additional pressure to form the plastic sheet into a part with higher detail and tighter tolerances.

  5. Trimming Machines: These machines are used to remove excess material from the formed part, such as excess plastic or flashing.

  6. Stacking Machines: These machines are used to stack the formed parts for easy transport and storage.

  7. Material Handling Equipment: This includes conveyors, robots, and other equipment that moves the plastic sheet and formed parts through the manufacturing process.

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