Under The Epidemic, Are You Still Worrying About The Installation And Debugging Of Thermoforming Machines Abroad?

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, our export of fully automatic positive and negative pressure thermoforming machines and arranging engineers to visit for guidance and training have been severely blocked.

Think what the customer thinks and try our best to help customers solve their problems.

First of all, we have detailed machine instructions, documents of each operation step and operation videos to our customers, so that our customers can understand the whole process of our machine operation in principle.

Then, when the customer installs the machine through the manual and video installation, our engineers will conduct one-to-one video guidance, and communicate with the customer in detail about each action of the machine. After everything is communicated and the customer is clear and understood, then the empty machine is operated.

Engineers carefully and carefully guide each machine. After seeing all the actions of the empty machine running normally, the materials are added and the product is officially started.


Evaluation sent by Iraqi customers after using our machine for a period of time:


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