pet cup plate bowl thermoforming machine

High Quality pet cup plate bowl thermoforming machine are mainly produce upscale plastic containers like cups, bowls,plate square boxes etc. It is suitable for PP. HIPS. PVC and PET material.
Design Features:
In-mould Cutting
High accuracy and high yield products
Servo motor for plug assist and sheet feeding system
Pick-up stacking system for more sanitary and save labor
Two -station unwinder system
Rapid mould changing device
Mould automatic memory system
PLC design with easy operation

Pet Cup Plate Bowl Thermoforming Machine

About Pet Cup Plate Bowl Thermoforming Machine

A disposable pet cup is a cup made of pet material. The pet cup is a type of plastic cup. The pet cup is mainly used for beverages such as juice. According to the ergonomic design, it is suitable for holding the cup body, the grip is more labor-saving, comfortable and beautiful.

PET has a highly symmetrical molecular structure and a certain crystal orientation ability, so it has high film-forming properties and properties. PET has good optical properties and weather resistance, and amorphous PET has good optical transparency. It is the most high-end material in the disposable cup

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