Fruits and vegetables PET transparent thermoforming boxes, fruit packaging, fruit packaging boxes, fruit packaging boxes, vegetable boxes, folding boxes, heaven and earth cover boxes, are widely used. The fruit is tender and cannot expand, so it uses two-layer packaging or a transparent blister box such as intuitive inner products, which not only achieves the protective effect, but also does not affect the overall effect of the product. 2. Thermoformed egg trays are also for the purpose of displaying and protecting eggs. They can be placed and hung on supermarket shelves to make the eggs more beautifully displayed in front of shoppers, thereby impacting shoppers’ visual effects and promoting the desire to buy.
3. The plastic egg tray can separate the eggs, play the purpose of shockproof and beautify the eggs, and make the eggs look more beautiful as a whole. The equipment for producing blister egg trays mainly includes: blister packaging machine, blister forming machine, punch, sealing machine, high frequency machine, folding machine.
Customer groups targeted by blister egg trays: poultry and egg breeding and distribution companies, supermarkets, gift group purchases. 

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