Xpe Car Ventilation Pipe Vacuum Thermoforming Machine

1. High yield: the electric furnaces are heated by near or far infrared rays, the plastic plates are heated evenly, and the machine has the function of back blowing, so that the wall thickness of the products is uniform;
2. High degree of automation: PLC computer control, optional storage room and automatic feeding device can be added according to user needs to reduce labor intensity;
3. Low energy consumption: the adopted quartz heating plate, the plate is heated evenly, the temperature rises quickly, and the unnecessary power loss is reduced, and the digital power meter is used to control the temperature, automatically correct the output power, and comprehensively save energy compared with the ordinary type;
4. Low mold replacement cost: When replacing molds, the vertical and horizontal pressing frames can be adjusted as needed to adapt to molds of different sizes and reduce mold replacement costs.
Equipment use, double-layer thick sheet is widely used in: trays, industrial litter, sanitary ware, portable toilets, medical machinery enclosures, surfboards, fuel tanks, air/ventilation ducts, electrical equipment enclosures, recreational boats, luggage, toys, aquatic products , doors, tables, spine boards and numerous transportation related products.

Xpe Car Ventilation Pipe Vacuum Thermoforming Machine
Pipe Vacuum Thermoforming Machine
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