Butterfly Laser Anti-Static Plastic Packaging Box Tray

Butterfly laser is also called DFB laser, DFB butterfly laser。

Butterfly lasers on the market are packaged in thermoforming packaging boxes with anti-static function. Compared with ordinary thermoforming packaging boxes, there is an additional anti-static. It is widely used in the packaging and transportation of products in the precision electronics industry.
Butterfly laser anti-static blister packaging box tray can be made of different grades of materials according to customer needs. Can eliminate static electricity. Butterfly laser anti-static plastic packaging box tray has the following advantages:

  1. The butterfly laser anti-static blister packaging box tray is designed and manufactured according to the size provided by the customer, so as to achieve the most reasonable loading, and multiple trays can be overlapped to effectively utilize the workshop space and increase the storage capacity of electronic components and dust-free workshop components. Save production costs.
  2. Butterfly laser anti-static blister packaging box tray has completed the generalization and integrated management of product turnover, storage, and is a must for production and distribution enterprises to carry out modern production management.
  3. Butterfly laser anti-static blister packaging box tray has anti-folding, anti-aging, high bearing strength, stretching, compression, tearing, high temperature, light, durable and stackable packaging for finished products. It can also be customized into various specifications and sizes according to customer needs, with beautiful appearance.

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