Automatic Boxes/Plates/Containers Plastic Thermoforming Machine

This thermoforming machine used for producing high demand for disposable fresh/fast food, fruit plastic cups, boxes,plates, containers, and pharmaceutical, wine, electrical blister packaging, PP, PS, PET, PVC, OPS plastic sheet, etc.

HW-850 Thermoforming Machine

Forming, cutting die servo-driven, two-way adjustable for upper and lower mold stroke, in which the upper mold electric adjustable in clamping direction. The upper and lower molds' height position can be adjusted conveniently and fast under the clamping state; lower mold in clamping direction readily accessible buffer, increasing the clamping speed, avoiding shock.

HW-1220 automatic vacuum forming machine

Using human-machine interface microcomputer touch screen control system, intuitive operation, convenient maintenance, convenient maintenance l Variable frequency motor pull tab control, fast, accurate and stable l Heating furnace module temperature control, direct temperature display degree, accurate detection of the temperature of each heating tile, automatic Alarm function, truly realize electromechanical integration, vibration demoulding, multiple backwashing, stainless steel electric furnace

Heavy Gauge Vacuum Forming Machine

In thick sheet could be processed by this machine, it is an ideal vacuum forming machine for automobile parts like car foot mat, car trunk mat, car bumper, light box, plastic board, plastic containers, plastic pallet, plastic helmet, plastic covers, bathtub, fruit tray, suitcase, apparatus shell, instrument panel, refrigerator inner liners, etc.
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