New thermoforming machine

HW-7161 high-efficiency program-controlled plastic air pressure thermoforming machine, applying the latest international plastic sheet forming technology, is integrated design of machine, electricity and gas, using microcomputer and industrial control programmable PLC control, the entire system HMI. The square tunnel-type imported radiant heater, both concave and convex molds can be formed, laser blade punching, and its process flow: heating, forming, punching, stacking counting and other main multi-station production lines. At the same time, the production line can run simultaneously and synchronously. Using more advanced domestic molding technology combined with foreign countries, it reduces labor, prevents secondary pollution, saves materials, improves product quality and product qualification rate, doubles production efficiency, convenient operation and reliability  Good, strong functionality, high degree of automation, dedicated to the automatic production line of sheet thermoforming and automatic die cutting.

new plastic thermoforming machine


  • The main body of the equipment: It is formed by splicing and welding steel structure profiles such as square pass and channel steel, which is used for assembling heating, mold table forming, mold table punching and auxiliary devices. The overall steel structure frame is guided by the , and all the parts involved are fully in line with: high-quality selection of materials, blank production methods, machining, heat treatment, parts assembly, machine operation, machine maintenance and other technological foundations , To ensure that the movable device that transmits and transforms motion and force has sufficient strength and rigidity. All metal surfaces are treated with anti-rust and the bottom layer is sprayed with anti-rust paint

1. All servo motor drive. 2. Delta PLC control system(Siemens optional). 3. Big forming area(710*850mm). 4. Low mold cost and easy molds changing. 5. Fast speed(normally PET material 15 cycles per mintue). 6. This machine's cutting station can make the ventilation holes on flat surface. No need to add one more punching station.

The molding equipment consists of the main structure frame, positive and negative pressure forming system, temperature control system, vacuum system, heating system, air control system, electrical and PLC control system, cutting system, product decomposition and stacking and edge material automatic winding system And other structural composition

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  • The HW-7161 Thermoforming Machine is a fully automatic, high-speed machine capable of producing a variety of plastic products, including cups, trays, and containers.
  • It uses a heating process to soften a plastic sheet, which is then stretched and molded into the desired shape using a mold.
  • The machine is equipped with a touch screen interface that allows the operator to control and adjust the machine settings, such as heating temperature, forming time, and vacuum pressure.
  • It has a maximum forming area of 710mm x 610mm and a maximum depth of draw of 150mm, making it suitable for producing larger plastic products.
  • The HW-7161 Thermoforming Machine is designed for efficient production, with a maximum cycle speed of up to 30 cycles per minute.
  • It requires a three-phase power supply and consumes around 60kW of power.

Overall, the HW-7161 Thermoforming Machine is a high-performance and versatile piece of equipment that can be used for various plastic forming applications.

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