Assessment method for production work in thermoforming workshop

In thermoforming, production work involves the systematic and efficient manufacturing of plastic products using thermoforming machines. Here’s an overview of the production work involved in thermoforming:

  1. Planning and Design:
  • Identify the product requirements and specifications, including dimensions, shape, and material.
  • Design or obtain the mold or tooling required to create the desired product.
  • Determine the appropriate plastic material based on factors such as its properties, cost, and intended use.
  1. Material Preparation:
  • Source and acquire the plastic sheets suitable for thermoforming, based on the product specifications.
  • Cut the plastic sheets into the required size and shape for loading onto the thermoforming machine.
  • Ensure proper storage and handling of the plastic sheets to avoid damage or contamination.
  1. Machine Setup:
  • Set up the thermoforming machine in accordance with the specific product and material requirements.
  • Install the appropriate mold or tooling onto the machine’s platens or forming station.
  • Adjust the machine’s heating elements and temperature settings based on the plastic material being used.
  1. Production Operation:
  • Load the plastic sheets onto the thermoforming machine’s sheet loader.
  • Activate the machine and allow it to warm up to the required temperature.
  • Pre-stretch the plastic sheet, if applicable, to improve its stretchability and thickness distribution.
  • Transfer the heated and pre-stretched sheet to the forming station.
  • Activate the forming mechanism to shape the plastic sheet against the mold or tooling.
  • Apply vacuum pressure or other methods to ensure proper definition and detail in the formed product.
  • Allow the formed product to cool and solidify.
  • Remove the formed product from the mold and trim off any excess material, if necessary.
  • Collect and store the finished products for further processing or packaging.
  1. Quality Control:
  • Regularly inspect the formed products to ensure they meet the required specifications and quality standards.
  • Perform visual inspections, dimensional measurements, and functional tests, if applicable.
  • Identify and address any defects or issues that may arise during the production process.
  1. Maintenance and Optimization:
  • Conduct routine maintenance on the thermoforming machine to ensure its proper functioning.
  • Clean the machine and remove any plastic debris or trimmings that may accumulate.
  • Monitor and optimize production parameters such as heating temperature, forming time, and cooling methods to achieve consistent and efficient production.
  1. Packaging and Distribution:
  • Package the finished products according to the desired packaging specifications.
  • Label and identify the products appropriately for easy identification and traceability.
  • Prepare the products for distribution or shipment to customers or downstream processes.

Throughout the production work in thermoforming, it’s important to maintain a focus on safety, efficiency, and quality control to ensure the reliable production of high-quality plastic products.

Blister unit price list

ProductStandard number of shiftsOriginal unit priceCurrent unit priceExcess rewardBase setting
No. 001 embossed sheet6800 sheets0.03 yuan/sheet0.017 yuan/sheetMore than  7000 sheets0.015  yuan/sheetExcept for unit No. 5, which is billed separately as a bonus, other units are calculated at 120 yuan per shift. 120 yuan x 5 sets ÷ 4 people/class = 150 yuan/person (class)。
002、0065800 sheets0.03 yuan/sheet0.02 yuan/sheetMore than  6000sheets0.018  yuan/sheet
003、005、0076300 sheets0.03 yuan/sheet0.018 yuan/sheetMore than  6500 sheets0.016  yuan/sheet
0042000 sheets0.09 yuan/sheet0.10 yuan/sheetMore than  1200 sheets0.09yuan/sheet
Unit 52600 sheets0.03 yuan/sheet0.02 yuan/sheetMore than  2800 sheets0.018  yuan/sheet
Backplane1100 sheets0.100.11 yuan/sheetMore than  1200 sheets0.09

(2) Punch unit price list

ProductStandard number of shiftsOriginal unit priceCurrent unit priceExcess rewardPowder priceBase setting
BackplaneSmall 1100 sheetsLarge 900 sheets0.08 yuan/sheetSmall0.09yuan/sheetLarge0.11yuan/sheetAdd 0.01 yuan/sheet  for the excess20 yuan/classEach class is calculated at  100yuan/person.
Ammonium9000sheets0.009 yuan/sheet011 yuan/sheet0.001 yuan/sheet
punching1800sheets0.009 yuan/sheet0.0055 yuan/sheet0.0005yuan/sheet

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