Small Manual Thermoforming Machine

1) 25pcs ceramic infrared heating boards which can be controlled separately, suitable for different size or different thickness material.
2) 25pcs Solid state voltage regulators, control heating boards simple and visualized.
3) Large-scale cooling fan which can cool the products quickly.
4) Cooling system which suitable for thick material. (optional)
5) Manual and Semi-auto style.Electric furnace adopt stainless steel, heat preservation cotton sealing structure, effectively prevent heat loss.
PET, PS anti-static electronic revolving tray, PVC cosmetics, daily necessities packaging, PP, PET food tray and other external plastic packaging products

manual thermoforming machine for PS flocking thermoforming cutlery gift box packaging

A manual thermoforming machine is a type of equipment used in the manufacturing industry to form and shape thermoplastic materials into various products. Thermoforming is a process where a thermoplastic sheet is heated until it becomes pliable, then formed over a mold, and then cooled to its final shape.A manual thermoforming machine is operated manually by an operator who positions the thermoplastic sheet onto the mold and then uses a heat source, typically a heating element or infrared heaters, to heat the sheet until it becomes soft and pliable. The operator then applies pressure to the sheet, usually with a vacuum or compressed air, to force it onto the mold and conform to its shape.Once the sheet has cooled, the formed product is removed from the mold and the excess material is trimmed away. Manual thermoforming machines are typically used for low volume production runs and prototyping because they are less expensive than fully automated machines.Some of the advantages of manual thermoforming machines include their relatively low cost, versatility in producing various shapes and sizes, and their ability to produce parts with varying thicknesses. However, manual machines require skilled operators to achieve consistent results, and the process can be slower and less efficient than automated machines for larger production runs.

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