Plug seedlings are suitable for vegetable, melon and fruit, corn, cotton and other seedlings. It is the most fundamental change in modern gardening and provides a guarantee for fast and mass production. The plug tray has become an important tool in the production process of factory seedlings. Yiyou specializes in the production black ps seedling trays (typically 32 holes, 50 holes, 72 holes, 128 holes, 200 holes) thermoforming machines.

For example, 72 holes (the number of holes 6×12) black PVC/PS seedling tray: the length of the tray is 54cm*28cm; the depth of a single hole is 4cm, the diameter of the hole is 4cmx4cm, and the bottom of the hole is 2cmx2cm. High-quality PVC is selected to prolong the service life; the straight stripe design in the cavity of the plug tray can effectively prevent root mixing; balanced drainage and ventilation performance; high-precision mold opening, perfect details! Well made and durable

The color of the nursery tray can affect the temperature of the plant’s roots. The white polystyrene foam tray has good light reflectivity and is mostly used for early seedling raising in summer and autumn to reflect light and reduce heat accumulation in the roots of seedlings. In winter and spring, black seedling trays are selected because of their good light absorption, which is beneficial to the greening of the roots of the seedlings. After the seedlings grow up, they should start to use the root-controlling rapid seedling raising technology, move them into the root-controlling rapid seedling raising container, and continue to grow.

The positive and negative pressure thermoforming machine produced by Shanghai Yiyou is fully automatic thermoforming, cutting and stacking. The customer has already bought one. Buy now the second semi-automatic nursery hood blister machine. Delivery in the morning, normal production in the afternoon, very efficient!

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