Thermoforming Machine

HW-7185 high-efficiency program-controlled plastic air pressure thermoforming machine, applying the latest international plastic sheet forming technology, is integrated design of machine, electricity and gas, using microcomputer and industrial control programmable PLC control, the entire system HMI. The square tunnel-type imported radiant heater, both concave and convex molds can be formed, laser blade punching, and its process flow: heating, forming, punching, stacking counting and other main multi-station production lines. At the same time, the production line can run simultaneously and synchronously. Using more advanced domestic molding technology combined with foreign countries, it reduces labor, prevents secondary pollution, saves materials, improves product quality and product qualification rate, doubles production efficiency, convenient operation and reliability  Good, strong functionality, high degree of automation, dedicated to the automatic production line of sheet thermoforming and automatic die cutting.

  • Adopt PLC control, the whole system is fully automatic, parameters digital display, easy operation
  • This machinecombines sheet feeding, forming, cutting, punching, stacking, counting and finished products conveying into one machine
  • 4-pillar hydraulic structure, more stable, low noise
  • Imported heating wires ceramic heater, accurate temperature control, long life
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