What materials are medical device thermoformed housings typically formed from?

Thermoforming shells of medical devices are mostly made of ABS materials. ABS plastic is a new type of plastic with strong load-bearing capacity and not easy to break. Moreover, the medical case made of ABS plastic is also more durable. It is said to be able to eliminate electromagnetic radiation. This can be said to be the key to the use of ABS material for medical machinery, because ABS medical equipment can effectively isolate the electromagnetic radiation of medical equipment and protect it. Healthcare workers are not affected by electromagnetic radiation.

In addition, in the beauty and medical industry, ABS medical devices are also widely used, because the medical beauty industry has certain requirements for the appearance of medical devices. The ABS plastic can ensure that the medical device shell has different color choices, and the design can be more flexible and delicate. The weight of the chassis itself is reduced, which is conducive to the carrying and movement of the chassis by medical personnel.

Due to the excellent performance of ABS plastic and the above advantages, the use of ABS material for thick plate thermoforming molding of medical device shells has also become an inevitable

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