What causes scratches in medical thermoforming packaging?

When using medical thermoforming packaging, it is sometimes found that there are scratches and stains on the surface of some products. It not only affects the appearance of the product, but also questions the use experience of the product, because in order to ensure the surface integrity of the medical blister, it is correct to find out the cause of this phenomenon and solve it.

1. There are scratches when thermoforming products are produced. This problem is mainly caused by the friction of products caused by manual procedures in the process of blister production. technical level is necessary.

2. Scratches caused by other reasons are mainly caused in the process of product handling. Therefore, during the handling process, handle with care and wear gloves to reduce the appearance of scratches.

The problem of medical blister scratches, if it is relatively minor, will not affect the use of the product, but in order to reduce the occurrence of such phenomena, the blister factory must pay attention to each link of production to reduce the appearance of scratches

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