Do You Know The Reasons For The Problem Of Pulling Wires In The Thermoformed Packaging Box Products

In the process of producing thermoforming packaging boxes, there may be a pulling wire/stretching. The so-called pulling wire/stretching is an extra line that is convex or concave on the edge of the product, which will not only affect the quality of the packaging and use. , it will also affect the appearance of the packaging, so the manufacturer should find out the cause of the problem and the solution when there is a thermoforming product.

In fact, the situation of the pulling wire has a great relationship with the structure of the thermoforming mold. The precision of the thermoforming mold is not high, and the structure is not very good, which will cause the phenomenon of pulling the wire of the blister product. It is also closely related to the production technology of the product thermoforming equipment, the way of putting on the shelf, and the temperature adjustment

Because of the reasons for these problems, manufacturers need to control the quality of the production of thermoforming molds, adjust the way of thermoforming on the shelf, and adjust the temperature of the equipment to solve them

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