Thermoforming Machine Air Compressor Installation Manual

The forming of a thermoforming machine is inseparable from three important elements: air/electricity/water. Today we will share the installation of the gas-air compressor of the thermoforming machine

Installation environment layout requirements

1. In order to meet the needs of development, there should be room for expansion in the position of the computer room in the general drawing.

2. In order to reduce the possibility of wear, corrosion and explosion of the unit, there must be a certain distance between the machine room and places that emit explosive, corrosive, toxic gas, dust and other harmful substances. Due to the large heat dissipation of the compressor, the temperature inside the machine is high in summer, so the orientation of the machine room should ensure good ventilation between the machines and minimize the sun exposure.

3. The compressor should not be installed in the open air, and rainwater is strictly prohibited.

4. The compressor room is an independent building.

5. The compressor room must be equipped with fixed fire extinguishing carbon dioxide fire extinguishing equipment, and its manual switch must be set outside the danger zone and accessible at any time. Fire extinguishing equipment Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher or powder fire extinguisher should be placed near the protected target, but outside the danger zone.

Equipment Room Installation Requirements

1. The ground should preferably be a smooth concrete floor. The inner surface of the wall should be whitewashed. The base of the compressor should be placed on the concrete floor, and the levelness of the plane should not exceed 0.5/1000 (mm). There are grooves around 200mm away from the unit so that oil and water can flow away from the groove when the unit stops for oil change, maintenance or cleaning the ground. The size of the groove is determined by the user.

2. When the compressor unit is placed on the ground, it should be ensured that the bottom of the box fits well with the ground to prevent vibration and increase noise.

3. For qualified users, sound-absorbing panels can be attached to the wall of the computer room to further reduce noise, but it is not suitable to use hard surface materials such as ceramic tiles to decorate the wall.

4. Since the air-cooled compressor is greatly affected by the ambient temperature, the ventilation in the machine room should be good and dry. The heat-exchanging air can be led outdoors with an air duct or an exhaust fan should be installed to control the ambient temperature of the compressor at -5°C to 40°C. Inside.

5. Keep the machine room with less dust, clean air, free of harmful gases and corrosive media such as sulfurous acid. According to the nature of the company’s processed products, the air inlet should be equipped with a primary filter device. The effective window circulation area should be greater than 3㎡.

After reading these important details, do you still find it difficult to install the thermoforming machine? I will continue to share

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