Congratulations To Shanghai Yiyou Thermoforming Machine Manufacturer For Its 12th Anniversary!

Today, the sun is shining brightly and the breeze is caressing, this pleasant spring day not only makes my thoughts run wild. Unconsciously, it has been 17 years in the thermoforming industry!

You remember the past, the first time I picked up the phone to sell to a customer and sent the catalog of the thermoforming machine, I was nervous and at a loss. Now it’s not just a smile. I still remember being ecstatic to add the customer’s QQ, no matter how far away I will drive to visit the customer’s factory, no matter whether he buys a machine or not. Once on the way back from a Jiaxing factory, I drove my car into a big ditch. Now think about how grateful you are for your hard work!

Shanghai Yiyou was registered in 2010, and it has been 12 years in a flash. In the past 12 years, I have witnessed customers from semi-automatic/manual blister machines to high-speed blister machines when they used knobs to adjust pressure and temperature, and gradually became module temperature control. Touch screen operation. Later, labor in China became more and more expensive, which led to various thermoforming manufacturers scrambling to develop a blister all-in-one machine. At first, it was controlled by the oil cylinder, and there was oil leakage in the food tray. At this time, our factory Hongyouxing developed and produced a semi-servo – a positive and negative pressure integrated machine of a hydraulic booster cylinder. Hot market in 2018. Slowly it evolved into a full-servo machine. period again. Machines for in-mold picking, non-breakpoint splicing, pp products, forming film in-cutting and other machines. In 2021, our high-end and fast all-in-one machine plus side punching will solve the problem of increasing the output of fruit boxes, plug trays and other products, and the quality will be better!

   In 2022, Hongyouxing will focus on the blister mold on the front – HYX-7161 all-in-one machine, and the high-end 7185 thermoforming machine with side punching. Every accessory is carefully selected by me, and every supplier is strictly controlled, forming a complete closed loop from the purchasing end – unloading – production – testing – warehouse – delivery. Never forget the original dream. If you want to do it, be the top, and be the top of the blister machine industry!

Come on and keep working hard!


                                   Amy Yu wrote at the Yiyou Office in North Hongqiao!

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