Thermoforming Mchine Customer Service

service items:

  • Thermoforming machine/plastic cup machine/extrusion machine installation and new machine commissioning services
  • Training for operators of a full range of thermoforming machines.
  • Free training for users who purchase YiYou thermoforming machines until they can operate, use and maintain independently;
  • Provide a 1-year warranty period for thermoformed new machine parts. Under normal use, parts and maintenance costs are exempted during the warranty period.
Thermoforming Customer Service

                                                    our service                                                                                    By providing you with various forms of pre-sales services such as investment budget and plant planning, you can make your planning reasonable, standardized and cost-saving

  • Investment budget: provide product profit analysis, thermoforming machine selection and auxiliary equipment matching and budget, and human resource allocation budget services.
  • Plant planning: provide design services for equipment foundation installation dimensions, equipment layout, workshop ventilation, exhaust, wiring, and lifting equipment.
  • Provide information on various thermoforming machinery auxiliary equipment.
  • We can provide you with thermoforming sample service before you purchase the machine, further reducing your investment risk.               YIYou can provide customers with strong technical support and considerate customer service.  


             We have a professional technical team, which can provide technical training, inspection and maintenance anytime and anywhere according to customer requirements. Guarantee the efficient and stable operation of YiYou thermoforming machines all over the world, and continuously create value for customers

                                         Our customer service team is on call 7&24 hours to ensure communication with customers and solve problems at any time

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