Do You Know The Basic Structure Of Thermoforming Molds?

Everyone knows that the basic structure of the thermoforming mold is very important. Once there is a problem with the structure, it will bring a variety of problems to the later manufacturing of the mold. Below, the author briefly introduces the basic structure of the mold for everyone to understand and reference.

 There are generally two kinds of mold structures, one is a three-plate mold, and the other is a two-plate mold. The two structures are different, which are described below.

1. Three-plate mold

  There is also a three-plate mold, which is generally in front of the movable mold and the fixed mold, and there is no runner plate between them. There is a gap between it and the dynamic template and the fixed template, which will form a three-plate mold. Plate-type molds, whether it is one mold with one bore, or one mold with multiple bores, can be replaced on the side and in the middle of the product, so as to meet the appearance requirements of the product.

 2. Two-plate mold

  The two-plate mold is generally processed by the mold with the main runner, the feed port and the different cavities on the same side, and then the zone can be moved and fixed and separated, so the structure is simple, and the service life of the operation will become Very long.

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