plastic/cups/thermoforming machine online crusher

This is a device used in thermoforming cups, thermoforming cup lids, disposable environmentally friendly lunch boxes, blister forming, etc., which are automatically pulled in and crushed online, and automatically transported. It is suitable for the above equipment to automatically pull the net-shaped residual material into the crusher and crush it at the end of the forming and cutting.
In the production process of the traditional cup making machine, before the finished product is packaged, the remaining net-like material is collected by a winder, and then manually transported away for centralized crushing. In this process, it is difficult to avoid the production during the collection and transportation process. A lot of pollution. Moreover, when the thicker roll material is pulverized in a concentrated manner, the power of the pulverizing motor is larger, and the energy consumption is higher.

thermoforming online crusher

See The thermoforming online crusher

A plastic online crusher, also known as an online plastic shredder, is a type of machine that is used to shred or crush plastic waste materials. The term “online” refers to the fact that the machine is typically integrated into a larger plastic processing line or system, allowing for continuous operation without interruption.

The machine works by feeding plastic waste materials into a hopper, where they are then transported to a shredding or crushing chamber. Inside the chamber, rotating blades or teeth shred or crush the plastic waste into smaller pieces. The resulting shredded plastic can then be used for recycling, reprocessing, or other applications.

Online plastic crushers are commonly used in the plastic recycling industry, where they help to reduce the size and volume of plastic waste materials, making them easier to transport and process. They can also be used in other industries where plastic waste is generated, such as manufacturing and packaging.                                    The online crusher can adjust the pulling-in speed of the net-shaped side material according to the discharge speed of the remaining material of the host, so that the discharge and the crushing are kept in sync. It can also integrate automatic feeding, crushing, conveying, and storage into one operation, and it is carried out in a fully enclosed state, which avoids pollution, saves labor, and meets environmental protection requirements. At the same time, the production process has been improved, the production environment has been improved, and the labor input has been reduced.The grinding chamber is fully polished and ground, and the thick steel plate is welded and processed as a whole, with good precision; 

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