• The principle of modified atmosphere thermoforming packaging is to use a special gas to replace the air in the package, so that it can be packaged with different gas ratios according to the type of food. Ordinary gases use nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. Of course, according to the latest research, some gases such as argon and carbon monoxide can also be appropriately used as packaging gases. All in all, modified atmosphere packaging does not affect the taste, quality, and color of raw materials. It can also inhibit bacterial reproduction to maximize the preservation period of food.
  • Vacuum bag, also known as decompression packaging, is carried out according to the principle of atmospheric pressure, and its main function is to deoxygenate, so as to prevent mildew and deterioration. Vacuum packaging is to extract oxygen in the packaging bag and food cells, so that microorganisms lose their “living environment” and inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms such as bacteria. Items are oxidized and moldy. These two packaging methods have their own advantages and disadvantages: vacuum packaging only needs to complete two actions, suction and sealing, which can only be called oxygen barrier bags in the strict sense, and are mainly used in some snack foods.

1. Isolate from oxygen to avoid the reproduction and growth of aerobic bacteria.

2. Anaerobic bacteria and facultative bacteria cannot be inhibited, and bacteria will fail rapidly if they continue to multiply without sterilization.

3. The food is continuously squeezed in the air, which is easy to deform and lose its original appearance, and the texture will become hard and lose its original natural crispness.

4. Vacuum packaging must be supplemented with high temperature sterilization to achieve the ideal shelf life. Secondary sterilization often seriously affects the quality of food and loses its original taste.

5. The preservation period of vacuum packaging is longer than the modified atmosphere period. Generally, vacuum packaging is more than 1 month, and vacuum packaging emphasizes storage time. Modified atmosphere packaging overcomes various shortcomings such as the extrusion and deformation of food by vacuum packaging, the decrease in taste, and the hardening of meat, but the shelf life cannot reach the storage time after high temperature sterilization.

Features: 1. Mainly used for some ready-to-eat foods, the fresh-keeping period is short, and it is not easy to store for a long time.

2. Oxygen is isolated to prevent the growth of aerobic bacteria.

3. Can effectively inhibit the reproduction and growth of anaerobic bacteria and facultative bacteria. Modified atmosphere thermoforming packaging products pay attention to the concept of fresh and ready-to-eat. Therefore, after the food is packaged in modified atmosphere, the whole process of cold chain must be carried out, so that the food can be processed at a temperature of 0~4 °C, and the temperature limit of vacuum packaging is not too high.

5. It affects the shape, color, moisture, taste and texture of the object, and maintains its original flavor. The products of the modified atmosphere package will not carry out secondary disinfection treatment on the food, so that the quality of the food will be very good, and the modified atmosphere packaging will not squeeze the ingredients, so the biggest advantage is that the fiber of the ingredients and the taste of the food will not be damaged. Flavor is not affected

6. Customer access. Easy to carry, hygienic and beautiful.

  • The sales time of modified atmosphere thermoforming packaging products is generally 10 to 15 days, and modified atmosphere packaging is mainly for fresh goods sales. Inhalation packaging is a relatively traditional packaging method. With the improvement of people’s living standards and the transition from eating to eating, eating well, eating well and eating healthy, air packaging will gradually decrease and replace vacuum packaging.

The trays for air-conditioning thermoforming are mainly made of PP materials. The following are some samples for reference only.

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