The 2022 The 2022 Thermoforming Seminar will be held in Wujiang, Suzhou!

The annual thermoforming conference was held as scheduled, and this year’s venue was chosen in Suzhou, China.

Shanghai Yiyou’s factory Hongyouxing Machinery is located in Wujiang, Suzhou. This time the sales team will all be at the thermoforming meeting. Bringing high-difficulty thermoforming samples such as gardening/food/electronic trays

Now I will introduce the products of the factory,and applied industries。 Thermoforming Equipment Introduction:

1.Fully automatic multi-station thermoforming machine(710850mm)

2.Fully automatic negative pressure thermoforming machine(710850mm)
3.Thick sheet thermoforming machine(Maximum customized forming area 3000 * 5000mm)
4.Plastic cup/lid/bowl production line(Inversion mode,servo motor,cam,hydraulic)
5.Semi automatic thermoforming machine(Suitable for 30-150T hydraulic cutting machine)
6.Thermoforming auxiliary machines(Extruder,air compressor,cooling machine,High frequency machine)

hermoforming machine can make a variety of products that are large, small, thick, and thin. The sheets can be as thin as 0.15mm or even thinner. The product area can be as large as 10 square meters to a few square millimeters. The wall thickness can be as large as 20mm and less than 0.1mm.It can save 30% of power than ordinary machines.The machine can start production within 2 minutes.(It needs 10-20 minutes to start poduction for ordinary machines)

thermofoming for food packing

The 2023 rubber and plastic exhibition will be held in Shenzhen, China. The booth of yiyou is as follows:

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