Do you know the three major factors that affect the price of thick sheet thermoforming packaging?

Thermoforming products on the market are roughly divided into two categories: thick sheet thermoforming and thin sheet thermoforming packaging. Although there is only one word difference, the price difference is very large. But even if they are thick sheet thermoforming, why is the price so different? What are the factors that affect the price of thick sheet thermoforming?

1. Materials

The price of thermoforming is not expensive, and the choice of material is the first factor. For example: PS materials or acrylic materials are used for processing and production. The prices of these two materials on the market are different, so it is obvious that the prices of these two materials must also be different.

Another is the choice of material type. For example: the same acrylic material, there are various brands on the market, the common ones are domestic, imported, and Taiwan-funded. Choose different brands of acrylic, the price will be different.

Second, the mold

To produce thermoformed products, thermoforming molds are also a necessity. Therefore, the thermoforming mold is also a major factor affecting the price. For thick sheet thermoforming factories, the manufacture of molds is usually a relatively cumbersome and complex task. Of course, the cost of mold making is also a large proportion of the entire thermoforming process.

There are generally two types of molds commonly used in thermoforming on the market: wooden molds and aluminum molds. The difficulty of making the two molds is very different, and the price is also very different.

3. Other factors

After the thick sheet thermoforming is produced, it still needs to be manually cut, packed and delivered. The labor cost and logistics cost need to be considered.

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