How To Understand The Conductive, Semi-Conductive And Anti-Static In The Thermoforming Tray?

Now, most manufacturers give priority to blister trays with anti-static function when purchasing thermoforming electronic trays. Why is this? What are the anti-static blister trays? Let’s find out together.

PS conventional colors are black and white, and other colors can also be customized according to customer requirements, but the color sheet has a higher MOQ, and the color sheet can only be made into an anti-static index of 9-11 powers. It is generally not recommended to use due to small demand and high requirements for anti-static value. PS black sheet can be made into anti-static blister tray with three index levels, while the anti-static index of white can only be 9-11 power.

PP material tray

There are two kinds of PP regular colors: black and natural color. The natural color is the transparent color, which is slightly foggy and slightly white, and can also be called translucent. PP and PS have a lot in common. Like PS, color sheet and natural color can only be made into anti-static 9-11 power electrostatic index. PP is the most high temperature resistant of all materials, and its heat distortion temperature is 80-120 °C. Compared with the other three materials, the PP material is softer. PP black anti-static sheet, like PS, can be made into anti-static trays with three index levels.

PET material tray

The normal color of PET is transparent, and it can also be made into color sheets according to customer requirements, and the processing method of PET anti-static sheet is external coating, which is the same as PP and PS, and can also be made into three levels of anti-static index. 9-11th power, 6-9th power and 3-6th power, most of the anti-static indexes on the market are at the 6-9th power level.

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