HDPE/ABS Automatic Thick Sheet Thermoforming Equipment

The principle of thick sheet thermoforming is similar to that of thin sheet thermoforming. The positioned sheet is heated to a softened state through an oven, and the suction mold forms a closed space with its periphery to instantly remove the air in the mold cavity and tightly cover the sheet. The process of obtaining the product by cooling and shaping the surface of the mold                                                       Organization and function:                                                                                                    The thick sheet thermoforming machine is generally composed of a plate positioning system, a plastic mold positioning system, a frame system, a heating system, a cooling system and an electrical control system.                                                                           The plate positioning system is generally composed of a well-shaped profile pressing frame, a power cylinder or an oil cylinder/servo and a balance synchronization mechanism. Its function is to tighten the positioning of the plastic sheet. The pressing frame of the walking type heating method has an upper and lower structure, and a lateral locking mechanism is added to ensure that the pressing frame can be tightly sealed with the plate backing plate. The frame can be adjusted according to the size of the mold, divided into manual and automatic adjustment

HDPE Pallet Thick Sheet Vacuum Forming Machine

Thick sheet thermoforming machine is currently only a small branch of China’s plastic machinery, and its level is far behind that of industrially developed countries. In terms of most styles of large, various special and special thick sheet thermoforming machines, some products are still blank, which is the main gap with industrialized countries.

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