What Factors Affect The Price Of Heavy Gauge Thermoforming?

There are many factors that affect the price of Heavy Gauge Thermoforming. Even if the same material is used in the same manufacturer, the price may not be the same. What are the factors that affect the price? The following Shanghai Yiyou thermoforming will explain in detail for you:

Labor costs: It is mainly produced by machines, with less labor, so labor costs are relatively small. 2. Material cost: The calculation of product material cost is more complicated. It is mainly determined by the price of raw materials, film thickness, number of typesetting, material loss rate, etc. It also needs to be based on product requirements. 3. Process: The complexity of the process of the product has a greater impact on the price of thick film blister. 4. Equipment: The quality of blister equipment and the area of ​​blister molding have a greater impact on the cost. Theoretically, the larger the equipment, the lower the processing cost. For example, a large blister device can produce four products at the same time. Small equipment can only produce two products at a time, and the work efficiency is half the difference. 5. Energy consumption: Thick sheet blister is mainly processed by heat, which consumes more electricity than other industries, so the price will be higher. 6. Transportation: According to the distance between the customer and the blister manufacturer. 7. Profit: The net profit of the thick blister factory is relatively low, and it needs to be determined according to the payment term.

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