What is the average price of a used thermoforming machine

What should I pay attention to when buying a second-hand thermoforming machine?

  1. Hot furnace: The long-used second mobile phone will be deformed and oxidized due to heat transfer, and the furnace will rust and oxidize.
  2. Cylinder: Check whether the cylinders of the upper and lower molds are leaking.
  3. Chiller: Is the cooling effect good?
  4. Vacuum pump: Whether the ultimate vacuum strength is large and whether the vacuum flow is large.
  5. Guide rail: see if the guide rail is deformed.

After finding these. Let’s take a look at his average price next?

A general high-speed thermoforming machine plus a hydraulic cutting machine may be less than 20,000 US dollars

The positive and negative pressure thermoforming machine depends on the brand: like Germany and Japan, the machine is 3-4% off according to the year. 50% off Chinese machines!

So when you know so much information, would you still choose a second-hand thermoforming machine?

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