What products can be made with heavy gauge thermoforming?

You can see heavy gauge thermoforming products in many places in life, such as: TV shells, refrigerator linings, refrigerator doors, medical equipment shells, toy shells, game console shells, sinks, bathtubs, industrial trays, etc. These products are widely used, what are their advantages?

The thermoforming process can be divided into two categories: thick-walled and thin-walled according to the shape of the raw material (sheet or coil) of the product. Thick-film blister means that the thickness of the raw material used exceeds 2mm, which cannot be blistered on a fully automatic machine. Forming, using a semi-automatic blister forming machine special for thick sheet processing and production skills.

There are mainly two types of thermoforming processes currently available on the market. One is the processing with a thickness of 2.5mm heavy gauge thermoforming or less, which is generally formed by coil processing. The other is a large thick sheet with a thickness of 3~12mm, which is generally processed and formed by sheet metal. The two types of processing machines use different machines, so when looking for a supplier, pay attention to distinguishing each other’s production capacity.

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